In order to enable your users to access eduroam in your campus, you need to maintain an Identity Management System (IdMs), where your users' electronic identities are stored.  You also need a RADIUS server, which will have to be connected to your IdMs.  To set up an eduroam service point in your institution you have to configure your Wireless LAN according to the eduroam requirements. 

Your institution must be part of an eduroam service, which is provided by your National Roaming Operator (in most cases your National Research and Education Network (NREN)).


How to configure Institution Radius Server:

  1. Configuring Microsoft IAS as Institutional Server
  2. Configuring Microsoft NPS as Institutional Server
  3. Configuring FreeRadius as Institutional Server
  4. FreeRADIUS on Ubuntu12.10 with AD for eduroam
  5. Reference Campus Setup


How to configure end device:

  1. Configuring eduroam on an Android device 
  2. Windows XP Configuration
  3. Windows 7 Configuration
  4. Windows 8 Configuration
  5. Windows RT Configuration
  6. Blackberry Configuration
  7. IOS Configuration
  8. Mac OSX Configuration
  9. Windows 8.1 Configuration
  10. Windows 10 Configuration